Lakefront Honey Lager

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We teamed up with our good friends from Willibald Farm Distillery & Brewery to bring you our most elaborate beer to date. Lakefront Honey Lager was brewed with 65% wheat and hopped with cascade hops from our farm. Lavender honey from Backed By Bees was then added to the boil before the beer was transferred to barrels. Barrel fermented at 5c for a month and bottle conditioned with honey for an additional month. Finally, we stored the bottles upside down allowing all sediment to settle in the neck which in turn allowed us to disgorge the beer to produce a bright clear lager that is not filtered and is naturally carbonated. Perfect for the start of summer! 

Ingredients Water, Wheat, Malted barley, Honey, Hops, Yeast
ABV: 5%
750 mL
Bottle Conditioned