Farmhouse Pilsner

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For years we have wondered, can you make a lager without any means of cooling? To find out we teamed up with our good pals at Willibald Farm Distillery and Brewery, and the end result is our Farmhouse Pilsner. In sum, we took our farmhouse base malt and brewed the wort as we normally would for a farmhouse ale. Following the boil we sent the wort into barrels at 10°C and pitched lager yeast. Like any farmhouse beer we let the beer free rise during fermentation. After fermentation was complete we dry hopped the beer then bottle conditioned it. The result is a well balanced, surprisingly clean lager. So can you make a lager without lagering it? You tell us.

Ingredients:  Water, Malted barley, Wheat, Hops, Yeast
ABV: 4%
500 mL
Bottle Conditioned