Brett Farmhouse

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Brett Farmhouse was inspired by everyones favourite mixed ferment Trappist Beer. It was brewed with a combination of base malt, Munich malt, and Special B to add depth and a subtle dark stone fruit character. Brett Farmhouse was dry hopped with an ample amount of Styrian Celeja to add a nice hop character when consumed young. Finally, Brett Farmhouse was bottle conditioned in conjunction with brettanomyces to slowly alter the beer over the years in the cellar. Drink Fresh and you will enjoy a lively beer that is closer to a blegian pale ale. Age it, and the brettanomyces will develop creating a beer full of depth and character.
Ingredients:  Water, Malted barley, Hops, Yeast
ABV: 6.5%
500 mL
Bottle Conditioned