About Us

We are a farmhouse brewery with a focus on small batch, mixed culture fermentation. Situated in Grey County between the communities of Meaford and Thornbury, ON., the brewery sits on twenty-two acres of fertile agricultural land. Our tactile approach to brewing, along with our emphasis on utilizing raw ingredients grown in our fields gives our beer a unique, terroir specific profile and ensures our product has the highest integrity from its inception to your glass.

We intend to grow organically while maintaining a high standard for hand crafted, artisanal beer. We wish to develop the land to compliment our beer, focusing on growing stone fruits, herbs and flowers. Our on-farm experience will evolve to accommodate you, our clientele, while not losing sight of the tradition of farming & brewing. Our emphasis will remain on quality over quantity.
We are creating a product for those that appreciate knowing where, how and who is crafting their beer.